What does the Headline that shows Mental Problems look like?

The headline can also predict the health situation. This kind of predication does mainly focus on the mental side and not the physical side. Here we mainly talk about the mental aspect and not the mental disorder. It is about small diseases, like mental weakness and headaches.

1. An island appearing on the headline

The island has the function of reducing energy. It has reduced the original meaning of the headline. In other words, it can make the owner has the symptom of mental weakness. The burnout of the brain tissue is the influence of the island. If the situation gets worse, the owner may suffer from a stroke or a chronic headache.

2. A cross, a star, or a spot appearing on the headline

It represents a sudden obstacle. For example, the owner walks in the dark and is carelessly stumbled by a stone. The head hits the wire pole, causing hemorrhage in the brain. It is namely the so-called sudden disorder. If these kinds of signs appear, it does not represent that the disaster cannot be avoided. It gives you a warning that this kind of matter is easy to happen. You just need to pay attention to the situation, you can prevent the disaster. Once the warning is removed, these kinds of signs will naturally disappear.

3. The messy headline

If the fine lines that like the centipede feet appear on the headline, it represents that the owner may suffer from a cerebral hemorrhage. He or she should pay attention to that.

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