Branches of the Fate Line has Limitless Possibilities

If there is a luck-opening line, there is no enemy on the front side.

We call the fate line that has branches the lucky fate line. Why will it have this name? It is because the upward line originally is the luck-opening line. Moreover, it is the extending line from the fate line. Although this situation is not like being even more powerful, it represents that there is no enemy on the front side. Fate can continuously go forwards.

The direction that the branches extend can decide the direction and the type of the luck-opening event. Among that, the best degree of that is the branch that extends towards the ring finger.

1. Branch that extends towards the ring finger

The mount under the ring finger is the sun mount. We call the line that appears at this mount “the sun line”. It represents that the owner can acquire fame, reputation. Therefore, the people who have this line can be called to be having the good omen of a great leap and great success.

2. Small Branches

If the branch is too short for the owner to find out under which finger the line extends, we can still take it as the lucky line. At this moment, the location that the branch appears is the exchange period of fate. Moreover, it will be a good omen, rather than a bad omen.

If there is another branch after the first branch, it represents there is a stroke of luck waiting for in the front side. The luck-opening line that is branched out from the fate line has many hidden possibilities. People having this kind of palm pattern is very lucky. Moreover, if the owners make their effort, the branch will become thicker.

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