What does the Fate Line that indicates Bad Omen look like?

Fate line that has some problems

The long fate line does not represent that there is no problem. The line may have some problems, for example, the wave line, the island on the line, the interruption. Some thick lines may cross over the fate line. All these are stated as the bad omen. However, it does not represent that the disaster will arrive immediately. It is established in the premise of “If the living does not change, it continues in the present situation.”

Therefore, the barrier line happening on the fate line should be called the “warning line”.

1. The line discontinues in the mid-way

It represents the interruption of fate. The interruption here does not mean “losing in a short period of time”. It means “blank”. Generally speaking, it means “unemployment”, “retired to have the recovery”, and “go to the cell because of committing the crime”. Therefore, it is best to explain this kind of line to be “not the best time to handle anything”.

2. Barrier line

It is also called the “Interruption line”. It represents the bad omen, for example, disease, bad issue, etc. If only the owner pays attention to all things of life, it normally can illuminate the bad omen brought by the risk.

3. Wave line

It means the fate line shows the wave shape. All in all, it is the fate of suffering. It represents the owner will struggle with fate. However, if you give persistence and patience, fate will open for you.

4. An island appearing on the line

If there is an island on the line, it represents the owner will have a bad omen at that year, and at that period of time. However, it is not an unavoidable disaster. The owner should not worry too much.

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