Tree-like Influence Lines represent Marriage and Love Affairs

Tree-like influence lines represent marriage and love affairs.

If you check carefully, you will find the fate line that goes upwards has tree-like influence lines. You call these lines the influence line. Although this line is not large, it certainly has its function as we call it influence line. You should not neglect it.

We can classify the influence line into two types. One is starting from the Venus mount. Another one is starting from the Moon mount.

1. Influence line that starts from the moon mount

Moon mount represents that the owner can get assistance from others. It represents the appearance of the sponsor, the supporter, and other people. It also means marriage and love affairs. Other people enter into the life of the owner. (This explanation should be easy to be understood.)

2. Influence line that starts from the Venus mount

Venus mount represents the relationships with the relatives. In terms of fate, the relatives originally have a great influence on the owner. Therefore, reasonably, there should not have any line to represent it. However, the influence line here states when the owner needs help or prays to overcome the difficulties, the relatives will give the helping hand.

Apart from that, the influence line that starts from the Venus mount also means “become the partner of the owner”. In other words, it means marriage. At this mount, the love affairs will not stop. It will have the results. It is the element that is different from the influence line starting from the moon mount. If the influence line that starts from the Venus mount and the influence line starting from the Moon mount intertwined with each other, it either represents blind date marriage or the love marriage.

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