What is the Marriage Line that shows the Honesty of the Couple look like?

As stated before, the marriage line is the intelligence line that tells the situation of the luck of the marriage.

Now, we look at the marriage line once again. The marriage lines of the different people will be different. Some who are single will have the ascending marriage line. Some who are married will have a downward marriage line. Some will have the straight marriage line extending forwards before marriage. However, their marriage lines become ascending after marriage. These different lines have different meanings.

  1. The ascending marriage line

It represents that there is no hindrance in the love life or marriage in the future. The family life is happy. The couple is happy with each other. The deeper the latitude of the rising line, the more the degree of happiness of the couple. However, marriage is the life of combining two different people. Sometimes, the dispute is unavoidable.

   If this situation continues, the marriage line will become the look of item 2.

2. The descending marriage line

In love affairs, if the soul of the lovers themselves cannot correspond with each other, the marriage line will be like this. It is the same with the life of marriage. If the couple who looks suitable to each other has some problems in marriage life, their marriage line will be the descending one.

Husband and wife are one. It is a blessing and a curse. The marriage line will become the ascending one and the descending one depending on the effort of the couple.

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