What does the Line showing whether the Couple is in Harmony look like?

If the love affair slightly has some problems, it will make a barrier to the soul of each other. And this is the life of the marriage. The most crucial point when checking the marriage line is not only making the conclusion just depending on the marriage line.

I have said many times that the function of palmistry is only giving prediction and warning. Checking the whole palm and making a comprehensive judgment is not only considerate to the clients, but also a good opportunity to make a reflection. When we check our marriage line, we should have this kind of attitude.

  1. Marriage line that has the branch

It represents the heart of the lover who has already left his or her partner behind. People who have this kind of palm pattern will divorce in the distant future. Even though the situation will not be so serious, this couple will separate from each other. The marriage line with the branch has told us that the couple who is with one heart will have this situation.

However, we should check whether the whole couple or one partner of the couple has this kind of palm pattern as it is related to the degree of the crisis.

2. Marriage line that has the short line underneath

It represents that the party is inattentive to his or her partner. If this palm pattern does not happen in the palm of the couple, it will at least happen in the palm of the lover. If the party intercourse with many lovers, he or she will have this kind of palm pattern.

3. Marriage line that has the short line above

If the party has this palm pattern after marriage, he or she will have affairs or the strong hope to have another lover. This is the palm pattern that the party will have the crisis of falling in love with a specific partner. However, it is not a must. People who have this palm pattern should pay full attention. Otherwise, why does he or she get married?

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