Lucky Marriage Line

The Sun line intersects with the marriage line.

Marriage is happy. Whether this kind of luck is built on mutual effort or one’s party contribution, it is based on the emotion of two parties combining to be one. Therefore, it brings happiness.

Now, we introduce the palm pattern showing once one is married, she or he will get lucky.

Not everyone has the sun line. People who have the sun line are lucky. If the marriage line is long and extends ahead and intersects the sun line, it is the palm pattern that once one is married, she or he will get lucky.

Apart from that, the end of the marriage line that intersects with a line is also a lucky palm pattern. From the perspective that predicts the luck of marriage from the marriage line, these two kinds of palm pattern are the lucky palm pattern that makes one envy.

  1. Marriage line that intersects with the sun line

This kind of marriage is like the marriage of a prince and princess and let everyone bless. This kind of palm pattern is rare.

2. End of marriage that intersects into one line

Although there will have some disturbance between the couple, it can be solved by the wisdom of each other. It belongs to the lucky couple who have a full love life. They handle the problems between the couple in mature ways. They will not let the misunderstandings deepen because of little things. Sometimes, one party turning a blind eye to another party will make the love of each other deeper.

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