Palm Pattern that shows the Weakness of the Stomach

Recently, the statement that overeating will hurt the body has attracted the public’s attention. And the most affected area is said to be the stomach. When gastronomy prevails, people do not only eat many delicious foods, he or she lacks exercise and drink too much. Their health is certainly not good.

Apart from food, people are busy before the computer in the office. They are very nervous. What has been affected is ultimately the stomach. There are overall these reasons. Recently, the palm pattern showing the problem of the stomach has increased in number.

  1. The discontinued health line

When the stomach is weak, this discontinued line will happen on the palm. However, when the owner is suffering from a chronic stomach disease or chronic gastrointestinal disease, the line is not only clear but also will have the branch. Indeed, it is the warning sign of the palm to deliver the message to you. Therefore, people should avoid social activities at night or delicious foods to let the stomach have enough resting time. Only when people live a period of normal life, this line will naturally and slowly disappear.

2. The horizontal line that happens on the moon mount

It represents the weakness of the intestine. If item 1 and item 2 happen simultaneously, we should take alert of that. It may be the outcome of the spiritual life. These kinds of people should control themselves. Do not be too neurotic. It is best to change the mood or the atmosphere to release the pressure of nervousness.

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