Island Sign represents the Problem of Lung and Bronchitis

The prohibition of smoking is accepted and promoted worldwide. However, there are still some young ladies joining the smoking crowd.

The island sign is the measurer of checking whether the bronchitis is healthy or not.

Once the child suffers from the children’s asthma, it does not only look pitiful but also the whole family is covered by the miserable atmosphere.

Although the disease of asthma led by hay fever will gradually be moderated after some time, it is a painful disease for the sufferer.

  1. Two Lines combining to be a big island sign

When the symptom becomes more severe, the island sign in the palm will become bigger. If you smoke when having too much free time to relieve boredom. Then the number of the island sign will increase in your palm. People who have this kind of palm pattern should be determined to quit the habit of smoking.

People who dislike slow running should take walking as an alternative to recover the new state of their lungs.

2. The line that is concatenated by the small islands

The possibility of emerging of the island is not too large. It is scarce for the line to be like that kind of line concatenated by the small islands. However, when it happens on the palm, it represents that the owner may suffer from the disease in the aspect of lung and bronchitis problems.

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