Palm Pattern that shows Dramatic Life Changes

We can carefully observe the starting point of the lifeline and the headline. If it is like what is shown in picture A, these two lines have some distances. It represents that the character of the owner is an extrovert. Even though they wait for one minute, it will be like sitting on pins and needles. It can be said that they are people that are full of action. Their thoughts are also very open. They can accept new things and new ideas. Their wills are strong. They have strong power in putting into practice.

If the starting point of the headline is like the one shown in the picture, this tendency will be much more apparent. The female that is the eldest daughter in the family will largely have this archetype. Their outlook of them is largely mild. However, their talents and abilities override that of the male. They will become the center of gravity of the family.

If the palm pattern is like that shown in picture C, the line is discontinuing. It represents that the owner is not used to dull and monotonous days. They will change their jobs frequently. They will normally have a conflict with others and always changes their jobs. When they change their jobs, it will be a whole change. Their new jobs will be totally different from their past jobs.

As picture D shows, the lifeline is centered on the inner side. And there are many interference lines. These kinds of people will have many difficulties in their life. They will fail many times in their life. The career will fail. If the fate line is interrupted, the difficulties will be much greater.

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