Palm Pattern that shows the Owner is Brilliant

As shown in line A in the picture, if there is a horizontal line across the palm, this kind of palm pattern is called a “simian line”. In comparison, the number of eastern people who has this kind of palm pattern is more than that of western people.

In ancient times, the palm of the Buddha is like that. Since ancient times, this kind of palm pattern is called “genius palm”. This kind of people is most distinctive. They are very majestic. The famous Japanese people will mostly have this kind of palm.

The interesting thing is that this kind of palm pattern is genetic. Normally, the parents will pass their related genres to their children in one family. Some people are looked common; however, they have extremely good networks with other people and their abilities are very good. Whatever industry they are in, they will perform very well. Therefore, they are in the leading position. They will customize their living and their lifestyle will not be conventional. They perform well when they are in childhood. After growth-up, they will set up their own business or work in the company successfully. Their identities in the work include doctor, engineer, academic professional, and artist.

If the headline is like that one in picture B, namely, there is a branch from the simian line, the owner is cheerful and decisive. They do things simply. They are bold but cautious. They are powerful people. They are full of energy. The identity they are suitable for include lawyer, judger, and politician. If the fate line and the sun line is clear, their luck will be stronger. When choosing a partner, they should the type that is the same as them. Their sibling will perform very well.

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