Palm Pattern that shows the Owner has Failed Career and destroyed his Life

Our outlook will change with our hearts. It is primarily that fate is easy to change. If the fate line has many branches and crosses, the change is especially large. It is because if the location of the branches and the crosses are different, the owner will encounter different situations. You can refer to points A and point B that is shown in the picture. You can immediately compare the difference between the meaning of the two points.

When a cross happens at location A in the palm, it represents that the career path of the owner is not smooth. It is often that the project is originally processed smoothly. However, the owner will get bad luck because of the great change in the environment. It can be said that they have many disasters. We can find out when the big change will happen from the location that shows the age.

If there is an interruption on the fate line, you should take care of the situation of the following line in the fate line. If the situation is just like what location A shows and the previous line before the cross is very clear, the bad luck is temporary and can be overcome. If the situation is just like line B, the interruption is considerably massive. It can be said that big disasters are coming. At this moment, we should check the sun line. If there is an island on the sun line, it is possible that the owner will have financial loss accidentally. It will deepen the pain. In order to overcome these difficulties, the owner should pay a high sum of effort and cost.  

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