Palm Pattern that shows the Owner is Rebellious

If the distance between the beginning section of the lifeline and the headline is very large, the action of the owner will be forever faster than thought. People with this kind of palm pattern have a strong temperament. They are very aggressive. Their weakness is that they are easy to be angry.

Just like that of picture B, if the heart line has broken into several pieces, the owner is passionate. The emotional ups and downs of the owner are straightforward. It is especially their attitude to the opposite sex are greatly different. If there is a palm line under the heart line in C and this is called the resistance line, their character will envy the evil power. They will have an extraordinary sense of justice and aggressiveness. They will not succumb to the traditional lifestyle and thinking method. All those who have this palm pattern, almost have congenital rebellion. No matter how well their lives are, their lives cannot meet their level of desire. Therefore, they will step into the road of temptation.

It is especially serious for those whose beginning of the lifeline and the headline has a great distance. We can usually observe their rebellious character from daily life. Before twenty years old, these kinds of people will be discontent with what their parents do. After thirty years old, they will hate their family and society. Therefore, for those who have this kind of palm pattern, we should clear up their rebellious psychology and dredge their wrong idea. We should slowly change their life.

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