Palm Pattern: the Owner does not require Hard Work in Life, But is not very Comfortable

The starting point of the lifeline and the headline has a long overlapping. Moreover, the headline is dropping naturally. The heart line extends to the location that is between the index finger and the middle finger in a curative way. This kind of palm pattern is said to be the standard palm pattern.

The owner is introverted and has a mild personality. They work hard and are grounded. They are conservative. People who have this kind of palm are mostly successful in their later years. They can unleash their potential mostly after 30 years old. Generally, they can get the trust of others. Their luck with other people is quite good.

However, if the situation is like line B that is shown in the picture and the fate line shows weak status, the owner has weak willpower. Although they have talents, they cannot grasp the opportunities and let the opportunities run away.

If the sun line is short and is like line C that is shown in the picture, and its length cannot reach the heart line, it represents that the owner does not have strong professional ambition. Those who have this kind of palm, they are indifferent to worldly rewards. Although they will not be rich and renowned, they will not become destitute and homeless.

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