Palm Pattern that shows the Owner extremely cares about Other’s Thoughts

First of all, please observe the heart line in the picture on the left-hand side. People with a heart line that has many downward branches are easy to be nervous about the trivia. It is because they care too much about others’ thoughts to lead them to worry too much and be too nervous. They are often to bury their troubles and not easy to discuss them with others. They are even because of being extremely nice and too considerate of others to be misunderstood by others and to make the loss outweigh the gain.

If the headline does extremely bend towards the lifeline, just like that in picture A, the owner is mostly lonely and likely buries themselves into the ivory tower. They are not good at practical work and cannot adapt to real life.

People who have the above palm pattern or have the heat line that is just like that in picture B are very sensitive. They are fond of beautiful things and their response is very strong. However, although they have these kinds of talents, nobody knows their abilities. They should express their emotions loyally.

People with this kind of palm pattern are easily affected by others. They are half-hearted and indecisive about what they do. They make things complicated. They are brooding. Their actions are not good.

If there is a cross, just like that in point C, on the fate line, their relationships with others are not good.

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