Palm Pattern that the Owner is easy to get sick

In palmistry, if there is a messy situation or island, cross, or interruption line in the palm pattern, all these are bad palm patterns. We should check the location or which palm line it belongs to, to judge the timing and the kinds of bad luck.

Just like that is shown in picture A, the beginning of the lifeline has a chain-like situation, it represents that the health of the owner in childhood is not good. They are easy to get cold. Their respiratory system is not healthy.

If it is just like that is shown in picture B, and there is a cross in the lifeline, we can prevent the happening disease by finding the age of the disease from the location of the cross. At this moment, we should check the headline or the fate line.

If there is an island or a cross in the headline and it is just like that shown in picture C, it represents the injury of the head. There is uncertainty in the mental state. Or there is possibly a big disease in the location above the shoulder. Therefore, no matter whether you are driving or doing sports, you should pay attention to it.

If there is an island in line D in the picture, it implies that the owner is in bad luck in the represented location. If the palm line in the lifeline and the headline shows dangers and is extremely different, and that situation is in the same age that the bad luck happens on the fate line, we can judge that the so-called bad luck is shown by a health issue. However, although the palm line is not good, the fate line is clear. It implies that the owner will overcome the difficulties. They will get good luck.

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