Palm Pattern that shows the Owner is easy to sacrifice for others

If three basic lines – a lifeline, a heart line, and a headline, are not too clear and there are messy lines, islands, crosses, and interruption lines, it is not a good palm pattern. If the fate line is not too clear, the owner is not easy to unleash his or her potential and air his or her opinion. They belong to the people that follow others’ opinions. They lack a sense of responsibility. And their willpowers are very weak.

For line A in the picture, the beginnings of the lifeline and the headline are overlapping for a long distance, and the headline bends deeply towards the lifeline, the owner is extremely introverted. They do not know how to handle the trivia. Once having failed, they cannot release their depression and remember it. They usually remember the trivia things, get into a dead end, and distress themselves.

People who have this kind of palm pattern and with a lifeline just like that in picture B, namely, there are interference lines inside the lifeline that heads to the center of the palm, do primarily have a deep inferiority complex. They have no idea about daily life and just follow others’ thoughts.

If it is just like that of picture C and the heart line curves and goes towards the location between the index finger and the middle finger, the owner is empathetic. They will show consideration for others. If many branches are below the heart line, the owner will be more considerate with others than the previous one. People, who have this kind of heart line and the length of the overlapping line of the lifeline and the headline is just like that of line A, will contribute to others more than to themselves. They sacrifice too much but still be betrayed by others. It could be said that the loss outweighs the gain. In love affairs, they also have one-way wishful thinking.

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