Palm Pattern that the Owner is easy to go astray

If the distance between the beginning of the lifeline and the headline is great and a very long resistance line (B) under the heart line, the owner is not easy to get cooperation with others. They are not easy to get along well with others. Palmistry calls the location of the resistance line the Mars Positive mount and the mount under the thumb is called the Mars Negative mount. We can make a judgment that the owner of this palm pattern is full of a sense of justice and attack power.

The mount opposite to the Positive Mars mount is the Mars Negative mount. If the Mars Negative mount is protruded and there are many horizontal lines, the owner will be rough and bold. He or she will be rough with others.

When the heart line is interrupted piece by piece, the owner will be strongly sensible. He or she will be susceptible to people and things in his or her surroundings. In human relationships, the waviness of emotion is very large. Even some trivia can stimulate him or her to become angry.

If it is just like that of picture D and the base of the middle finger has the semi-circle line (in palmistry, we call it the ring of Saturn), the owner has the anti-system action. They do not like to join large organizations. People who have sharp sensitivity will have this kind of palm pattern. They even have an uncontrollable and intense rebellious attitude. The thought bias will make them go astray and destroy their life.

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