Palm Pattern that the Owner stays overseas for a long time

The distance between the lifeline and the headline is very large and the headline is double. The owner will be interested in every issue. Apart from the original occupation, they will get a hand in many kinds of interests. Their residences are also not fixed. Their emotion is not stable.

If the fate line is just like that of picture B, and the midway of the line is interrupted, their living habit does usually change. They like to change their residences. If there is a branch (C) that comes from the lifeline and it is called the traveling line, the owner will leave their hometown in the early years or stays overseas. If the longer the branch, the longer the time they will stay overseas. For all those whose palm patterns are like this one, the owner will love chasing their own interested jobs. They will stay overseas for a long time. They just look for a temporary residence. Therefore, they make others feel afraid of them. Although they always change their home, they are happy with this.

However, if it is just like that shown in picture D, and the line that connects the fate line and the sun line has an island, even when they buy a house, they will have a small problem in the procedure of buying a house. Even if they reluctantly live there, there will have a series of problems.

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