What does a Worse Headline look like?

Headline can show us the financial status.

1. Having a financial crisis

The branch of the headline is running down. It illustrates that the owner will have the moment of extremely frustrated.

If it runs upwards, the owner will be successful. If the branch of the headline runs towards the index finger, it represents academic success. If it runs towards the middle finger, it represents the career or property. If it runs towards the ring finger, it represents self-actualization. If it runs towards the little finger, it represents financial success. If it becomes a mess here, it shows the financial crisis.

2. Hypersensitivity

If the headline is faintly unknown, it shows that the owner loves distraction. He or she has no knowledge and is just dreaming all day. The owner is not practical. He or she loves fantasy. If the headline is weaker, the owner is indecisive. He or she is too emotional to handle the outside world.

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