Does the Large and Wide Nail represent Good Health?

The nail can help you judge your health condition.

If we want to judge one’s health condition accurately, we should integrate the factors from different aspects. How do we say that the nail is wide and large? It means that the length of the nail is about one-half of the first phalange of the finger. These kinds of people have good health. He or she is vigorous.

Besides, the color of a healthy nail should be pink. It should be solid. The lower part of the nail should have a half-moon. If the length of the half-moon is one-fifth of the whole nail, it will be better.

It is bad for the nail to have no half-moon or have an excessive half-moon. It represents that the owner may suffer from the disease of the heart system or the disease of the spleen and stomach.

It is the best omen that all five fingers have the half-moon. This kind of people do not only have good health, they also have a good way of life. They are popular. These kinds of people have highly artistic talent and aesthetic ability. They have ultimate potential in their career life. They have good luck.

If the nail is small and narrow, the owner is mostly introverted. They are timid. They are not good at people skills. They are lofty. It is seldom for them to achieve the target.

Those with broken or missing nails are neurotic. They are not popular. They have many troubles with their career. They are easy to suffer from the disease in the abdomen. They may get sick in the recent moment. They should pay attention to their health.

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