What does the Fate Line indicate?

The fate line does indicate the luck of your work, wealth, and career.

The fate line is also called the “Yu Zhu Wen” or “career line”. It is located at the center of the palm. It starts to extend from the bottom of the wrist and goes upwards.

If this line is clear and not in a mess, it will be called “Wu Zhu Wen”. If it reaches the bottom of the middle finger, it is called “Tian Zhu Wen”.

The fate line represents the achievement of the career. We can learn about the luck of the career, the wealth, and the work with it.

If the fate line is winding, the career of the owner will be more unstable. He or she will usually change his or her job.

If the fate line just reaches the headline, he or she will give up the job according to his or her will-power.

If the fate line stops at the heartline, he or she will stop working because of the love affair.

If the fate line is just clear above the heart line, the owner will get success in the old-age. He or she will get success in the middle and late stages of life.

The fate line is not inborn to present. It is acquired to present. Most people will have the fate line until the age of thirty. Moreover, it will change according to the attitude and effort of the owner.

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