Do Double Headlines represent the Double Abilities?

Does the headline show your skills?

When we have two headlines, we call them “double headlines”. In palmistry, it belongs to the good omen. It is because when there are two headlines, the owner does not only have two kinds of abilities, the possibility is also double.

1. Two beautiful headlines:

It represents that those two kinds of abilities can have the result. Moreover, the owner will be greatly rewarded. If there is one short headline and one long headline, it represents those two lines have the multiplying effect. At the same time, the advantage will continuously grow up and the shortcoming will be compensated.

2. The line becomes two branches at the midway:

Originally, there is one line. However, at the midway, there are two lines. It also can be the double headlines. Differentiating the branch or the double lines is very simple. The line that are connecting with the mainline is the branch. If it is completely independent, it is the double lines. The double lines are the good omen. It represents the owner has enriching abilities. If the line is craved in a clear way, it represents the extremely good omen. If the line is weak, it can also be the supplementary line of the mainline. If you pay effort in your work, this weak line will also become thick and clear.

3. The thick and long branch

If the branch that comes from the mainline is as thick and long as the mainline, it represents that there is one more extra line. It does not mean the ability has been cut in half. At this moment, generally, we can take it as the double headlines that mean good omen. This kind of headline often has one branch that bends upwards and one branch that bends downwards. It represents that the abilities have the supplementary and multiplying effect. Two of them develop in a good direction.

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