What Kinds of Message do the Heart Line bring us?

Heartline has various kinds of messages.

The heart line is among one of the three main lines. The so-called emotion represents the trend of the heart. The line is responsible for sending this message. Although having said that, we may experience anger, crying, smelling, and gentleness within one day and the line may not be able to reflect this phenomenon. If we take the profound world of our heart, namely, the 24-hour inter-heart trend, as the wave of the surface of the lake, the inter-heart trend expressed by the heart line is just like a slow-flowing stream and the water gushing place, topography.

When the shape of the lake is different, the ups and downs of the microwaves will also have some changes.

To come back to the subject, we are now talking about the message expressed by the heart line.

1. The surrounding of the growth-up of the subject

Do you remember that there is a way of stating ideas – “A leopard never changes his spots”? The way of education in our childhoods will affect the personality of the owner. Therefore, we can expose our situation of childhood from the heart line.

2. Character

It can show the intra-world and the direction in the heart of the owner.

3. Love Affairs

It can show the depth and the type of love affairs. It can also us whether the love affair is fiery or cool. Moreover, it can show some information about the form of a love affair.

4. Health

The heart line represents emotion. Therefore, it also states the spiritual side in the respective of the emotion. It represents mental fatigue or the disease of the eyes.

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