Take an Alert if Your Heart Line is extremely messy

Although the messy heart line is better, we should be alert if there are several unfavorably messy tendencies. So to speak, if these kinds of messy tendencies happen, our love affairs and health will have a warning signs.

1. Ending of the heart line like a broom

It represents that the owner is physically and mentally tired. He or she does not have the drive of working. The reason for its state of being physically and mentally tired is based on the relationships of love affairs. Sometimes, it may be caused by excessive playing. If the relationship with the opposite sex is not appropriate, it is afraid that the lifespan of the owner will be shortened.

2. The heart line shows the jagged state

From the outlook of the heart line, it looks like in a jagged state. It may relate to the fact that the owner has an irregular state of the diet and the daily habit. Or the owner worries about the love affairs.

If the heart line looks in a jagged state, the pulse of the owner is irregular. The owner himself should be more careful. If the heart line does not look in a jagged state but several razor-shaped thin lines are parallel to the lifeline, the owner may have a problem with the heart.

3. “#” sign and white spot happening in the midway of the heart line

If these kinds of signs appear, it means that the warm love may disappear.

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