We can check the Deepness of Love Affairs from Girdle of Venus

The characteristics of the Girdle of Venus are deep in love, nervous, and sensitive. If people with this kind of character develops towards the positive side, they will be the one that has strong religious and artistic senses.

People with this kind of character will produce work that is rich in sensibility in the field of painting and music.

However, if this kind of character develops toward the negative side, the owner will fall in love with several people of the opposite sex. They will get involved in troublesome triangular relationships. Moreover, if their character is too fine, it will make them have the disease of hysteria and nervousness.

  1. One piece of Girdle of Venus

It is a rare palm pattern. However, it will sometimes be found in the palm of some people. In general, this kind of person has a strong sense of possession. They are easy to envy. If their heart line is messy, it represents this tendency is much stronger. However, they are good in the artistic field.

2. General Girdle of Venus

Same as the above.

3. Girdle of Venus that connect with the marriage line

The owner likes to read magazine that reports rumors. However, they value the family very much. Their emotion is fine. They like to take care of others and help others. In the field of art, they have a very keen sensibility. Therefore, it is true that this kind of person will be successful.

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