Palm Pattern shows that the Family Luck of the Owner is very good

If we check the beginning of the fate line in detail, it can analyze the family luck of the owner. If the fate line that represents the period before 30 years old overlaps with the lifeline, just like that of picture A, the owner is getting a helping hand from others. It is especially the help from the family.

According to the explanation of Indian palmistry, the lifeline represents the “father”. The palm lines inside the lifeline and going upwards towards the Jupiter mount represents that the owner’s parent is still alive. No matter whether at the material level or at the spiritual level, the owner will get shade from their parent. The headline represents the mother. If both lifeline and headline are clear, it represents that the owner’s parent is safely alive.

If there are many upward lines go to the Jupiter mount at the beginning of the lifeline and the headline, just like that of picture B, represents that the owner has many brothers and sisters. If these kinds of short lines are multiple and precise, it represents that the family life of the owner is stable. The owner’s family is populated and has good fortune.

If there are many lines that are parallel to the lifeline and are located inside the ending of the lifeline, the love coming from the family is very deep and persistent. It can be said that the owner is blessed. However, as they are spoiled by the family, they lack independent character and cannot open up their own space. Finally, they should ask for help from the family.

If there is a “fish” sign in the right-hand corner of the palm, the family of the owner should be very lucky. The family member is very healthy. Their life will be lucky and happy.

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