Who is Homosexual according to Palmistry?

Generally, three main lines – a lifeline, heartline, and headline, will be more apparent in the general public. However, some will the fine lines called the interference line across the hand. It makes it hard to distinguish the main lines.

There are many interference lines in the hand of homosexual people. It proves that people will meet many interferences and troubles in their actual life.

Apart from that, heartline usually represents the emotion of our parents, friends, partners, or brothers and sisters. However, there is one more heartline in some’s hands. This line is called the secondary heartline. It records the abnormal love affairs. If this line is very neat, it represents the owner is affectionate. His or her sexual orientation is different from others. If this line is choppy, it represents it is highly possible that the owner will be developed to be homosexual.

Moreover, If the heartline and the headline are messy, it represents that the owner handles the love affairs with a different way of the normal people. It is possible that he or she will have some problems with the sex issues.

Certainly, some have the above characteristics may not be the homosexual guys. Certain people may just have the failed love affairs or the troubles in the love affairs if he or she has the above palm pattern.

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